Is the future of storytelling in business 140 characters or 6 seconds long?



In this age of increasing information sharing and decreasing attention spans, two services seem primed to be the conduit through which a lot of storytelling will occur.¬†Twitter and Vine are all about simple sharing and brevity, which aligns well with these trends. These two platforms have forced us to rethink how we convey information. The restrictions on the amount of information we can share force us to be more thoughtful about what stories we tell and how we tell them. Vine, in particular is an interesting tool to tell stories with, as it allows businesses to tell ‘micro-stories’ using visuals and audio.

In one example of a great application of Vine, the GAP tells their audience the story of their brand. In just 6 seconds, we see the evolution of their jeans from the first pair to today’s jeans. Rather than some lengthy text post about their history, the visual representation of the jeans historical timeline is short, sweet and entertaining.


While the example below isn’t a brand-related story, it’s easy to see how it could easily be a video to promote a martial arts movie or school. While 6 seconds doesn’t seem long, it’s chock-full of action, is funny and engages viewers.


Twitter and Vine are both amazing tools to help us tell stories. While there’s a lot of noise out there that nobody cares about, good creative can help businesses and brands tell their stories in an effective way. How can you use these services to tell your company’s story?


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